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Vendor Highlight - Jenni Grace Photography

Jenni Grace and I met over the past two years when we had the priviledge of having mutual brides. I have always loved her images and think she is an amazing photography and mom =) Here is a peek in to Jenni Grace

When and how did you start out in your profession?

I guess it all started when I ended up with a photography class as an art elective in college. I briefly decided that I was going to study Art, until I realized I was really terrible at painting and drawing. :) I had no idea what I was doing and I probably took the class because I thought it was an easy “A”, but it was absolutely one of the most challenging and rewarding classes that I took in my undergrad and graduate studies. I remember spending countless hours in the darkroom at IUP developing the photo assignments. There is something that you will never forget about taking a roll of film that you just shot and using chemicals and your hands to develop them. I still get goosebumps just thinking about the process and I can honestly say I was hooked from there on. When I transferred to Duquesne I took more photojournalism classes which eventually led me to interning with the local newspapers. It was from my work there and an act of God that weddings and portraits then fell into my lap. I did my first wedding in 2004 on Lake Erie and haven’t looked back since. How did you know that this is what you wanted to do? I knew that I wanted to pursue photography in some way since that first photography class freshman year of college. I remember that summer traveling as a family to Yellowstone National Park and having my camera along to document the trip. It is an amazing thing to be able to capture memories and express yourself through photos. Though I started taking photos of landscapes I was much more interested in taking photos of people and capturing emotion. It is definitely an honor to be invited into some of the most important days of people’s lives. I think the fact that I am able to connect with my clients and their families on a personal level, I get to share in their joy on their wedding day and often I get to follow them as they have families, makes me realize how blessed I am to have this as my profession. What can clients expect from you? I think something that many people do not realize is that your photographer is not just your photographer for the day. We are planners, time keepers, dress holders, sewing kit wielders, hair fixers, nerve calmers, bathroom helpers, etc. etc. My goal is to make my couple and their families absolutely comfortable and to take care of their needs before they even know there is one! I also strongly believe in creating relationships with my couples. I have many friends that have stemmed from me shooting their weddings and now their children. Spending such an important day with someone leads to an incredible bond and I am so happy that I have that kind of relationship with my clients. Most memorable client? I honestly think that every client I have had in these 10 years has been memorable in some way. I often look back at photos from years passed and recall the day. That is the amazing thing about photographs, it brings you back into that moment! I have memories of funny best man speeches, teary father daughter dances and witnessing the incredible bond between two people on their wedding day. I honestly do not think I could go through and pick one client that is more memorable than another. I am just so thrilled that I can relive all of these days the same way that they can. I have had some amazing weddings!! What are some future goals for your business? I am always thinking of new ways to grow my business and right now I am focusing on some mentorship opportunities for budding photographers. I worked with a photographer a couple years back, just in encouraging her to start her business and giving her some simple pointers and she is a fantastic photographer offering her own mentoring sessions now. It is so amazing to think that I had even just a little hand in that. I would love to help other people find their passion and develop their skills. I also am absolutely loving the ethereal maternity sessions that I have been doing lately and would love to grow that side of my business. There are big things in store, I just know it! :) Tell us more about you personally

I have 3 kids, 2 and under! I know that your children should not define you, but they are at this stage of my life. I have a spunky 2.5 year old son named Cash Presley (that should tell you something about my musical interest) and 16 month old identical twin girls Emery Grace and Monroe Olivia. They rule the house right now and I’m ok with that for the time being. :) We absolutely love taking walks in the evening, playing princesses and cars and anything water related! I love the beach and the sand between my toes, terrible reality television shows and putting my feet up with a bowl of ice cream after a long day. I live for my next photo session and often cannot wait to post previews longer than a couple hours after a session. I laugh too loud, think I’m funny even when I am not and try too hard at almost everything! My husband is my best friend and partner in this business and we secretly love having dinner just the two of us at wedding receptions. I love being able to stay home with my children during the day, even when they are driving me crazy, and I thank my clients for allowing me to do that. Also I thank them for trusting me with their most special memories. Telling me that you love my photos and calling them art is the biggest compliment I can ever receive (and inflates my ego just a bit). I love talking and listening and would love to meet you and learn about your dreams and ideas for your day.


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