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Get the Glow!

Get the Glow!

The first makeup tip for glowing skin is to use the right product according to the complexion and texture of the skin. The skin makeup has the ability to give a very attractive radiance and glow to the skin. There are some makeup tips that you must follow to get a radiant skin.

Skincare!! I will probably bore you to death on the topic of skin care. But I can not stress enough how important it is! Cleansing, toning, moisturizer and yes even oil are MUSTS! Throw in some gel masks and light exfoliation throughout the week and you will have gorgeous glowing skin.

Putting on concealer and foundation:

First of all chose the right color that matches the skin tone and texture of the skin and apply it lightly with the sponge. Skin makeup includes foundation and if the foundation is blended well and then apply concealer or camouflage cream to hide the blemishes and dark spots. Most important makeup tips is that foundation must be well matched with the skin tone so that it doesn’t give a cakey look. If you are not oily or don’t have a natural shine, DO NOT USE POWDER. This is going to dull your skill and actually reduce that glow. Another useful makeup tips is that the foundation mustn’t only be applied on the face but the neck and jaw line also.

Blush and cheek highlighter:

The makeup tips for glowing skin includes cheek highlighter as it gives a very radiant look to the face and that is usually applied on the apple of the cheeks to enhance and accentuate the face. Makeup for glowing skin is to apply cream blush as it is more long lasting than powdered one which gives a natural glow to the face. Popping some highlight to the bow of your lip can also give a pouter lip.

Lastly, if you want any of the makeup tips work in order to get the glowing skin, it’s best to keep your skin hydrated and lively. Again, skin care is number one!

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