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Vendor Highlight - Shari T. of Tease Salon

Over the past couple of years I have met many different hair stylists on location while doing makeup. Some are OK.. some are good.. and some are amazing! Shari just happens to be one of the ones that I think is fabulous and 1 out of the only 3 I recommend to brides. (Refer to the post above about on location hair on the day of your wedding) Not only is Shari super talented.. she is works quickly but efficiently, and always creates the vision each girl describes. I am happy to feature here today on the highlight.. and can't wait to see more of her this year!

When and how did you start out in your profession?

I have always done hair since I was little on my barbies to cutting my sisters hair in our moms bathroom when we where young kids! So I finally got to go to beauty school at the age of 19

What is your main focus for hair?

As a hair stylist I do cut, color, extensions, and formal event styling

How did you know that this is what you wanted to do?

Always was into it since birth. I absolutely love what I do, I do not consider it work. I feel truly blessed to be doing something I love everyday!

What can clients expect from you?

I have a fun girly vibe in my salon, its just me at my shop and its fun to gossip about celebs all day!

Most memorable client?

I love doing wedding parties, so there is not just one. I love being part of such a happy day for woman!

What are some future goals for your business?

I just want to continue to grow and branch out and meet more people in the industry.

Tell us more about you personally

I am 27 years old and have owned my salon for 3 years! I am engaged to my fiance Joshua and we have 3 beautiful furry kids! Its funny to be living out what all my brides go though, now I get the stress and struggles that they go though and can relate!! I love my job, clients, and family. I love yoga I feel it truly relaxes you, also enjoy taking all the pups on walks around the block :)

Thank you so much Shari!!

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