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Vendor Highlight - Julie Kulbago Photography

Recently I had the honor of doing a Mom to be's makeup for her maternity/family shoot. (Picture to the right) and she was shooting with the fabulous Julie Kulbago. Now I have seen Julie's work a few months ago and I fell in LOVE with her newborn photos. They are to die for! I then stumbled across her video talking about why she does what she does and how much it means to her. Link will be below. I decided I had to highlight her and asked her some questions.. let's get to know her!

What started you out in Photography and what made you choose this path?

My photography journey started as a personal one. I had my first child and I realized how quickly time was flying by. I swore I was going to remember every little thing about him and as the days and months passed I realized I was starting to forget. I decided I needed to start documenting everything about him. After awhile, just documenting it wasn't enough and I wanted to capture moments beautifully. Eventually, I decided that I wanted to capture moments not only for myself but for others so that they too could look back and cherish the little things about their children.

What types of sessions are your primary focus?

I am primarily a Maternity and Newborn Photographer but I do also photograph children and their families as they grow.What can clients expect from you before, during and after a session with you?I really try to connect with my families before we ever meet face to face. They are trusting me with their most precious gift and I feel it's important for them to know me as much as I know them. For this reason, I recently created a video highlighting the newborn photography experience so that families could see me, hear me and peak inside an actual newborn session before their little one arrives. During the sessions my goal is to take over for a few hours so mom and dad can have a break! I really want my parents to kick back, relax and maybe even nap while I'm working with their baby. My sessions are very calm and very slow paced so that it is an enjoyable experience for everyone.

What was your favorite session?

That's a hard one!! I really don't think I have just one favorite session. In general I would say that I love capturing the natural love between a mom with her baby/children. There is just something so pure and true about that love that can't be forced and isn't "staged". It always amazes me too to see a mom look at these natural images and start to cry because I think she can feel that love that she is looking at. As moms we are often so busy and hurried and stressed that we forget about the pure joy that is motherhood and if I can capture just one image for a mom like that then I think I have done my job!

What else should clients know about Julie Kulbago Photography?

I have big plans for my studio for 2014. On April 1st I'm moving to a new studio in a renovated barn in Collier Twp!! My studio will be on 3 acres so I will be able to do inside and outside sessions all on the same property! I'm also going to be focusing on bringing children with special needs more into the forefront of mainstream media. This is a project that is very dear to my heart as my youngest has Down syndrome. I do not have a concrete plan for this yet (ha ha) but it's been on my mind and heart for 2 years and this is the year that I will make it happen!

Thank you so much Julie and I can not wait for my next baby to be photographed by

you! - Newborn Experience

For more images of the Mom to Be I worked with, check out the Maternity portfolio

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