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Vendor Highlight - The Farmer's Daughter

Flower's are one of my most favorite things about a wedding. Other than the Bride. naturally, they give that extra something special. Whether it is the bridal bouquet or the centerpiece, they are sure to stand out.I recently met Lauren Work, the owner of Farmer's Daughter and I just love her background and what she is all about.

Take a read...

My name is Lauren Work and I'm the owner of The Farmer's Daughter. I grew up on a farm in southwestern Pennsylvania and have been drawn to the simplicity and beauty of nature ever since.

Once I graduated college, I decided I needed to figure out what I loved and how to earn a living doing it. Flowers and dirt. Two things I knew I loved. I learned floral design from an incredible shop in Brooklyn, called Zuzu's Petals. I apprenticed under brilliant women and worked there for about 4 years.

I moved back to Pittsburgh about a year ago to be near family and started my flower business. I grew most of my own flowers for my wedding in October and was instantly inspired to plan a large cutting garden for my 2014 brides! I wanted to incorporate my love for gardening and floral design so it all made perfect sense.

It takes me and a small team to set a reception and a ceremony. Depending on the size and the amount of floral elements, time can vary. Typically it takes us about 2-3 hours when we divide and conquer.The biggest flower trends I've noticed for 2014 are the farm to centerpiece movements and bridal bouquet styles. Most of my brides want mixed, wildflower feeling bouquets verses tight, round, and mostly one flower bouquets.

Favorite flower!! My answer changes constantly. Currently, my favorite flower is the parrot tulip. The way they open and swoon will steal your breath!I truly love flowers. To put it simply, they make people happy. Meeting with potential clients to discuss flowers is so fun to me. It's amazing getting to know each person and help express their taste and personalities through flowers.

Instagram: afarmersdaughter13

Facebook: The Farmer's Daughter


Thank you so much Lauren!!

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