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Vendor Highlight - Nails By Dallas

I first found out about Nails by Dallas from a Friend, client and bride of mine from 2013. Her naisl looked amazing on her wedding day and I had to know who did them. For almost a year now I have been getting my nails done by a girl named Dallas.. or Kate if Dallas can't take me and in this past year I have loved every gel manicure I have received. They last about 2 to 3 weeks with me and only because my nails grow so fast that I need to get them redone. I feel as a makeup artist it is important to have short, clean, manicured nails since my hands are in faces almost everyday. Show them any design you want or tell them to do what they are in the mood for and you will get perfect nails every time. For a little more insight, let's talk to Dallas herself!

When and how did you start out in your profession?

I began working in a salon at 14 as an assistant. My boss at the time was gracious enough to take me under her wing and give me a full-time job after beauty school. After being there until age 21,I decided it was time to head out on my own to maintain flexibility in my schedule while I was in college. A year after my opening, I became a national educator for Hand and Nail Harmony (owners of Gelish) and my career took off from there.

How did you know that this is what you wanted to do?

For the longest time I fought myself about making this my career. I thought there was no way to have a lucrative business competing against so many non-standard salons. After realizing I had amazing clients and a niche talent, I decided to forgo my college degree and continue doing nails.

What can clients expect from you?

Clients can expect that we will provide the cleanest services possible while creating the most tailored manicure you can think of. Our specialty is creating a manicure that is completely tailored to the needs of a classic bride, sports enthusiast or even a Miley Cyrus fan. We have something for everyone, not to mention, you will leave with a few new friends by the time your appointment is over.

Most memorable client?

This is a challenging question because every client has their own story. But I do have one client who has really inspired me to build my own business. Leeann Golish, a young entrepreneur and local wedding photographer, showed me that it was possible to have it all: brains, beauty, a job you love, great clients, and to be your own boss. I opened my business shortly after meeting her, and she has stopped nothing short of sending so many referrals and kind words my way.

(Just to interject.. Leann is an amazing photographer!! I will have a highlight on her as well in the upcoming weeks/months. And funny enough.. Nails by Dallas is EXACTLY where I met her!!)

What are some future goals for your business?

For my business, I would love to expand my employee base and show women that doing nails CAN be a full-time job. After graduating beauty school, I realized so many of my classmates never used their license either full-time or part-time. It is hard to find the right fit for a salon, but I’m passionate about educating my staff and my clients about why and how we do things. I would love to have more than one location eventually, but we are still tweaking our current business structure.

Tell us more about you personally...

I am newly 23 but I have been around the beauty industry for over 9 years now. I am a Pittsburgh native, having attended South Fayette then Point Park University. I became a licensed nail technician in 2010, where I learned more about health and safety that I hadn’t been aware of in my on-the-job training. That led me to eventually pursue doing nails as a full-time career and now take on two amazing employees: Kate and Alexa. Nail art is our passion and we spend hours obsessing over what new tricks we can bring to Pittsburgh. Last year I became certified as a Gelish Educator, allowing me to travel around the country teaching my craft to brilliant nail techs. I also worked at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week for the first time this year, which was an exhilarating peek into the world of beauty and fashion. I couldn’t be happier with the accomplishments we have made thus far, much thanks to Kate and Alexa, my family and of course our badass clients.

Don't let her fool you.. she's pretty badass herself and making a mark in the nail art world!!

There are too many amazing manicures done by her and her team.. just go below to check them all out!!

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