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Vendor Highlight - Christina J Stein Personal Stylist

So excited to feature my friend and personal stylist Christina Stein this week on the Vendor Highlight. In the past few months, we have both gotten a little closer form working on a few jobs together and now both being apart of the amazing Flash Boudoir team. I decided I wanted to do a highlight on her since stylist are usually in the back of the crowd making sure everyone is on point. Well it is now time to be in the spotlight!!!

When and how did you start out in styling?

It was by accident actually! My friends and acquaintances have always asked me for style advice, and the combination of helping someone look good through fashion has always made me happy. So, I decided to turn my favorite hobby into a full time venture!

What are the services that you offer?

I always give my clients a free consultation. It allows them to get to know me better and determine if I am a good fit to help them with their styling needs. I do everything from Skype or FaceTime sessions in case a client has any last minute questions before going out to complete style and closet makeovers. It all depends on what my client wants.

How do you determine a client's style?

Well, it's a combination of how they describe to me how they perceive themselves, style wise and what they want to accomplish with their wardrobe. No one fits one mold and rules don't apply when it comes to individual style.

What is your ultimate goal as a stylist?

I simply want to continue to give real people real style advice. Everything you see out there when it come to the fashion industry doesn't always cater to real women and men, and I want to show people how to apply what they want to look like to their real lives!

Most memorable client?

My dear friend and Flash team member, Krysten. She has been on an inspiring weightless journey and she needed new clothes to fit her new body. We set out on a budget and I was able to help her look as amazing as she felt. She has put in so much hard work to lose over 80 lbs and continues to lose weight it's amazing! She is such inspiration for me and so many other women.

Favorite designers?

I don't have any favorite designers per say, but my style icons are Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Aniston

Favorite trend?

I love all white everything! It makes any outfit look fresh!

Favorite wardrobe staple?

My Tory Burch tote. My entire life is in that bag!

Thank you so much Christina for taking the time out to let us get to you know a little better!


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